Feedback for Ariela


Is the design beautiful/striking/remarkable?

Um….like not really because its rather simple but you’ll get there. The one that is most “striking” is the las tone because of the high quality image and introduction of color.

Does the design aesthetic relate to the concept?


Do the imagery and design choices support the text?


Is the aesthetic consistent?


Is the aesthetic driving the concept, or vice-versa?

I would say the concept is driving the aesthetic

Is it legible?

There are some instances where a couple letters of white or black text get lost in her skin or in the background. But for the most part very legible.

Are type size/color/face/treatment choices helping or hurting?

I’d say neither…there is no reason they don’t work together.


What are the design's visual priorities?

You make her face more of a priority than the text but then again the image has to take up the entire web page so maybe just up the font size.

Are design elements working in contrast, complement, or conflict?

I would say everything is complementing each other. Except for the “-Kourtney Kardashian” maybe instead do italics and no dash and align it with the quote every time instead of sometimes making it indented.

What elements do you consider foreground? Background?
For the most part is seems all on the same plane. When you make the text in white it pops out more making it somewhat more of a foreground.

How will the design accommodate variability in browser width?

You have both vertical and horizontal options so when its on a laptop screen you will use the horizontal version and when its on a smaller screen like a phone you’ll use the vertical version.

Is transparency, if used, used appropriately?


Technical Challenges

What happens at all of the sizes in between the desktop and mobile versions that have been provided?

I don’t think this can be answered yet, but I trust you will figure it out in the process of actually writing the HTML/CSS.

At what point does text collide with imagery?

At what point does contrast affect legibility? In the “ABCDEFG” quote the white text gets lost on her neck. The bold text is good on the most part in the third image/text version but “Kourtney Kardashian” gets lost.

Are images presented with sufficient resolution, and without unintentional distortion or compression artifacts?

Each of your images gets clearer and clearer. The one where she is wearing the green shirt is great resolution. The rest need to be worked on.

Have image edges all been considered and managed?

Some edge relationships are a little off like her face gets two close in the second two vertical versions.

Will elements such as fonts transfer as intended to the browser environment?

You are using a very basic font, Helvetica, right? I think it will transfer as intended in the browser environment quite well.

Can you build it?

You’ll try your best! I think how you want it to work will not be beyond your skill set.